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AKA european main assembling and service center
TEL:  +35952607235
GSM:  +359899187160
E-MAIL:  mikronbg@gmail.com
TEL:  +35952607235
GSM:  +359899187160
E-MAIL:  mikronbg@gmail.com

Professional, computerized, high-sensitivity metal detector with original no analogue hybrid technology of signal processing with filtering, which allows to significantly improve the detecting depth and the identification of metal objects.

- Working technology - PTS (Pulse Technology + Sinusoidal) with digital signal processing
- Two main modes of operation - Coins and Relics with normal and increased sensitivity in each of them.
- Microprocessor control of discrimination and ground balancing.
- Automatic sound discrimination of metal objects during searching - high tone for non-ferrous metals and low tone for ferrous metals /lodestone/.
- Significantly improved discrimination of large flat irons, iron cans, horseshoes, forged nails, etc.  - High stability of the electronic unit to electromagnetic disturbances. (transmission lines, radars, repeaters, etc.)
- Manual ground balancing
- Automatic tuning to temperature changes.
- Self Adjustment Threshold – SAT function for higher stability of the audio identification
- Beep indication for discharged battery.
- Streamlined ergonomic design
- Powered by 7.4V/4000mAh (2 LiPo batteries 3.7V/4000mAh)
- Time to work with one charging of the batteries: 8-9 hours, depending on audio volume. Charging is easy without taking out the batteries off the detector. It is also possible to be charged from external power bank with USB
- Weight in working condition - 1.4 kg including batteries.
- The metal detector is partially waterproof and can be immersed in water up to the electronics box, i.e. the search coil and part of the shaft.
- Smart Pulse can work with the next types of coils: 28x32cm, 38x42cm and ellipse 25x35cm - especially designed to work in very high mineralized terrains.
- In the set – 28x32cm. 

Smart Pulse with 25x35cm search coil:

Smart Pulse with 38x42cm search coil:

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AKA Smart Pulse
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